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Shanghai Qingyuan Pipe Technology Co, Ltd., established in 2003, is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the research & development, production and sale of new type of plastic pipes and polymer material modifications. The company has been awarded with the Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise of Shanghai city and passes quality management system certification ISO9001:2008. With headquarters in Shanghai of China, the company has two production plants: Shanghai plant occupies 42,000 square meters. Wuhan plant takes 34,000 square meters.

Our products include High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Weholite pipe (spirally structured wall pipe) and HDPE inspection manhole, which are mainly used for city drainage and sewage. Our products have been widely used in many construction and project trade including municipal, industry, public buildings and residence. The size range of HDPE structured wall pipe is 200-3000mm and its production capacity is 20,000 tons per year.      

 Its polymer material modification focuses on the performance promotion of Polyolefin material and practical cost control to meet the demands of various kinds of products. At present, our modified masterbatch products are largely used at many fields such as plastic accessories of appliance and building materials, precision instrument accessories.                                                                      

Qingyuan Pipe pays special attention to product quality, innovation of product technology and protection of intellectual property rights. Also we have made an extensive scientific research in the aspects of modification of pipe raw materials,  structural optimization and construction application. To achieve perfect product quality, the company has made a regulation that all the materials used in the production of drainage pipe and fittings are 100% virgin materials. It has continually developed four stage connection ways for Weholite pipe and this has changed the tradition of Weholite pipe without expanded connection and promoted the progress of this industry. By now, we have got 53 of product patent.                                                     

     To strengthen its R&D capability, the company has established a long-time cooperation with many famous universities in China.

Shanghai Qingyuan Pipe headquarter


Wuhan Qingyuan Pipe plant


     The drainage pipe can reflect the wisdom and conscience of one city.    All the raw materials are 100% New Resin!  We will make a continuous investment in R&D.

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